The No.2 Of Influence Of Patek Philippe Chronograph–1415

13What we share with everybody is the classic Patek Philippe 1518 series which combines two complication functions: the perpetual calendar and chronograph. In the following series post, we will look at three kings of Patek Philippe watches. In this post, we look at the Patek Philippe Ref.5130, the representative of the whole best replica watches family.

With the second industrial revolution, people broke more limits, and make the travelling between two cities came easier. With the invention of telephone and telegram, it is possible to achieve the global communication. And that requires a universal time. In 1935, Geneva independent watch producer,Louis Cottier, invented a time indication machine and cooperated with Patek Philippe, then rolled out the world timer replica watches. In 1937, Patek Philippe released the firs Ref.515 which was custom-made. In 1939, Patek Philippe began to produce the worldtimer in quantity, and named it after 1415HU. In an auction in 2002, Patek Philippe 1415HU was bid for 6.6 million Swiss swing franc and that the prize of 12 years ago.

In 1953, 1415HU was changed into 2523HU, and were produced until 1965. This changes began from the sizes, and second added an extra button for adjusting world time. The most important part is that 41 cities were placed on the outside of the case instead of the inner bezel. It has the same color as 1415, which means the golden edition, the rose gold edition were available. In 1966, Louis Cottier died and the movement with world timer function die away, it is not until 2000 when Patek Philippe promoted the World-Timer 5110 and began applied the home-made automatic winding movement—the 240HU. 5110 has four different materials available and it has improves its size from 35.5 mm to 37 mm in terms of the case. What’s more, the lug was smooth and an additional protection was set on the crown.