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Tag Heuer Global Limited Edition – Carrera 1887 Chronograph

For this Carrera watch, it is featuring the Calibre 1887 whose vibration frequency is up to 28,800 times/h and it is decorated with 39 diamonds. The movement of 29.3mmx 7.13mm consists of 320 parts with the power reserve up to 50 hours.

The patented 1887 Column wheel which was designed by the Edouard Heuer is endorsed by the Senior watchmaking industry with its ultra smooth and accurately smooth clicking-start chronograph along with the technological process to control the pointers to start, stop and return to zero. The function of the balance wheel is just like the clutch. The optimized Calibre 1887 can make the Chronograph start within 2/1000 second. The HER system that the Calibre 1887 is equipped is acclaimed as the world’s most effective clockwork system by the watch manufacturer specialists, and this kind of two-way automatic system can transfer 30% more efficiency than those traditional batch system of most the Swiss chronographs. HER also becomes famous and gains popularity with its outstanding stability and durability. The most advanced integration guide pin wheel/torsion pendulum of the Calibre 1887 is self researched and designed by the Tag Heuer replica in the chronograph movement platform system, which adds the eccentric screw on the basis of the original vibration Gear, and it has become the newest Component of the global advanced chronograph.

tag heuer carrera replica

tag heuer carrera replica

Tag Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph integrates all the good of the Tag Heuer mechanical movement and the watch case. The key movement parts (motherboard, automatic plate and plywood) and the watch case are completed in the Tag Heuer Cornol factory, where it is equipped with the Swiss most cutting-edge technical mechanical equipment and fully automatic precision stamping, grinding and polishing machines. In this Tag Heuer factory you can also find the robot which is installed with the Calibre 1887 movement and 39 jewels, which can be the perfect application of the cutting-edge technology on the watch-making field.