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This Jewelry Stock Can Make You Rich

This Jewelry Stock Can Make You Rich

Don’t Miss:Tahoe traps stolen’Late Night’ replacement’Gatsby’ box office shockWheelchair hiker’s Sierra gloryNBC’s post’Office’ plan49ersRaidersGiantsA’sWarriorsSharksQuakesNFLMLBNBANHLCollegePrepsGolfOutdoorsOtherOn TVTicketsShopVideoMoviesMusic NightlifePerformanceArtEventsBooksTV RadioHoroscopeComicsGamesThings To DoHome GardenStyleOutdoorsSki SnowHealthGreenLGBTHouzzDatingMomsPetsSponsored ContentTotal sales were up 11.8% to $1.51 billion. Operating income increased 9.8% to $267.7 million as compared to last year. Diluted earnings per share improved 18.4% to $2.12 while samestore sales grew 3.5%. were up an impressive 14.2% from last year, the major reason being increased transactions at Kay, brought about by changes in the sales mix. For the full year, the company witnessed an increase of 16.6% in earnings per share.

One reason behind the robust sales figures in the previous quarter was the acquisition of Ultra, a jewelry retailer, for approximately $57 million in cash. driven by the acquisition.

However, one segment where Signet lost out in the previous quarter was the sale of watches. Samestore sales at Jared declined 5.5%, mainly due to the discontinuation of Rolex watches. sales.

In this regard, it seems that Signet may be losing out to rivals like Fossil, which has seen witnessed strong sales growth in recent times. Last quarter, the luxury watch maker managed to show solid sales growth in all geographical regions, including Europe. In North America, net sales grew a whopping 15%, while Asia saw an increase of 19%. Fossil expects its sales to grow approximately 16% next year.

Increase in Tiffany’s total sales for the quarter was also modest up 4% to $1.2 billion. Unlike Signet, Tiffany is exposed to currency fluctuations in Asia along with the European crisis. Despite having a much stronger brand presence and higher profit margins than Signet, the blue box brand could not match Signet’s figures in the previous quarter.

Currently, Signet’s shares are trading at an all time high. The company has managed to outperform most companies in its segment, despite a weak holiday season. Signet’s performance shows it can give some strong competition to bigger luxury brands. Although much smaller than Tiffany, Signet has generated greater revenue than Tiffany over the last twelve months. While Signet’s revenues were $3.98 billion, Tiffany generated $3.79 billion over the same period. Further, Signet’s profit margin of 9% is catching up fast with Tiffany’s 11%.

Hamilton Jewelers is robbed for the second time in 15 months

Hamilton Jewelers is robbed for the second time in 15 months

LAWRENCE For the second time in 15 months, Hamilton Jewelers on Route 1 was hit by bandits, this time apparently unarmed, who got away with an unknown number of watches in the midday heist yesterday, police said. Mark Ubry said.

Police are still searching for the men. Ubry said a Lawrence detective is investigating whether there is any connection between the theft and a car crash shortly following the theft on I95 near Woodhaven Road in Bensalem, Pa. That location is just north of Philadelphia International Airport.

People inside the store told police the robbers had bandanas covering their faces, Ubry said. While the initial call that went out to police was for an armed robbery, there was no evidence the men had weapons, he said. No one was injured during the theft.

Police said they did not know the value of the stolen watches. The previous theft, in April 2011, also involved the theft of watches and three robbers, though one of the alleged robbers was later caught and has been jailed pending a judicial determination of guilt or innocence.

Yesterday police blocked off the store entrance and a portion of the parking lot for part of the day while they examined the crime scene.

In the robbery last year, thieves one of them armed with a gun stole Rolex Watches worth $21,000 during a robbery spree that included a gas station and Chinese restaurant, prosecutors said.

The alleged gunman, 19yearold Nicholas Horace, was charged with robbery, theft and weapons offenses.

Horace was indicted on the three robbery charges in September and has been in the Mercer County Corrections Center since April 2011, a spokeswoman for the county prosecutor office, Casey DeBlasio, said yesterday.

Leather Rolex Bands

Leather Rolex Bands

The majority of bands and bracelets for Rolex watches are not leather. They are made of steel, gold, or platinum. They come in a variety of styles including the Jubilee, the Oyster, and the Presidential. Specific clasps are designed for each, and many times these clasps can be hidden, giving the watch a more streamlined look.

This does not mean that a person can’t find leather bands for Rolexes. In fact, there are a number of topoftheline bands available in leather. If a person does some shopping, he can even find genuine crocodile leather bands for watches from Rolex’s Cellini collection. More traditional black and brown finished leather bands are available, as well. People in search of leather bands for their Rolexes will often encounter products that have been created to fit Rolex watches, but that were not, in fact, produced by Rolex. It is possible to find replacement pieces for both of theses styles. Approved Rolex distributors will often carry a variety of bands that can fit watches from all of Rolex’s collections. Many of these stores will also repair or refinish an existing band.

Watches that feature leather bands are often less expensive than others. This does not mean that they are lesser quality. Rolex watches, regardless of the style, all live up to a certain standard. However, leather bands are generally not nearly as durable as those crafted in gold, steel, or platinum.

A Notorious China

A Notorious China

China has been taged for selling fake premium goods for a long time. It is a paradise for people who cant afford the tag price of premium goods such as Tiffany rings, LV bags, and Rolex watches. But now it seems like China is transforming herself to the biggest authentic market place. And I believe this is just the beginning and this is driven by profits.

Money can make people do anything and this also includes protecting the trade marks and patents. From the article, Taobao is cooperating with premium brands such as Swiss Army knife, LV, Prada to protect their own profits. And Taobao loves to cooperating with them. There are two reasons behind this. Firstly, from the recent data by CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center), online shoppers value TRUST(Positive Feedback) and Quality of the goods as primary concern to do businesses with the sellers. The demands for fake low quality of goods are starting to go downhill. Secondly, most of the Chinese companies want to be traded on the stock exchanges. In order to do that, the companies will need to pass the examinations from government’s officials. If they want to be listed on foreign stock exchanges, they must undergo strict examinations by foreign government officials such as SEC. To monetize the services they are providing and starting to make some dough, becoming legalized is the most important process they have to go through.

This phnonemnon can be seen across industries. Chinese online video websites such as Youku, Qiyi and Tudo are the three biggest players in the market. There are various VCs (Venture Capitalist) who invest millions of US dollars into the project. Eventually they want to turn this investing capital into profits and selling their holding shares. So, becoming legalized and protects patent rights becomes their priority if they want to be listed on foreign stock exchanges. You have to pay some dimes to watch Hollywood movies. They are not free, but they are cheap. They are cheap enough to attract the customers to pay a little and enjoy high quality movies. I believe this is a successful example of profit sharing. Youku acts as a portal to provide online video services in China. Lionsgate, CNBC, Colombia movie makes are the content providers. As long as the market remain prosperous and profitable, this legalized process will not go extinct. Both sides of the companies have the incentive to maintain the clean market and order.

Investometrica’s Comments on AAPL

Investometrica’s Comments on AAPL

Interesting article but allow me to disagree. To begin with, Apple is not a computer company. They produce smartphones, iPads and laptops. They own the iTunes store, an independent payment ecosystem which recently surpassed 50 billion downloads. Comparing Apple’s ROIC to “competitors” like Microsoft (MSFT), BlackBerry (BBRY) or Dell (DELL) is, therefore, not accurate. Microsoft does not produce smartphones. Blackberry does not produce computers. Dell is mainly in the business of personal computers. In other words, you think that ROIC will fall from 271% to 34%. This is a very strong statement that needs to be supported with more than a reason. I agree. Everybody is interested in high margins. However, not everybody can compete well. To my way of thinking, only Samsung and Google are important competitors, specially in emerging markets. Other companies have dozens of competitors. Apple has only 2. And, of course, they are strong competitors. The upside is that by creating its own market ( the iTunes, iPad and iPhone concepts were fantasy before Apple introduced them in our eveyday life), Apple avoided fierce competition for a long time. Sure, ROIC has very high in 2011, a record number. But there were so many peaks before (1998 and 2005, to say the least)!Finally “an astounding 664 of the 7,000 ETFs and mutual funds I cover allocate at least 5% of their value to AAPL.”. You can understand this ln many ways: 664 trying to copy the same idea. But also 664 fund managers and equity researchers arriving at the same conclusion!That being said, group thinking is not necessarily a bad thing. Even if we assume that many fund managers want to allocate a decent proportion of their capital to Apple, that demonstrates that the demand for Apple shares is not in danger. New fund managers and new funds will try to copy their peers, therefore, they will have Apple in their portfolios. Only a very strong negative catalyst could cause everybody to start selling the same stock at the same day.

May 16 06:11 PMThank you for your time. It seems that the iPhone 4 is already acting as a sort of “budget” device in China but not at a scale strong enough to impact revenue significantly. I agree with the fact that Apple should not attempt to get the biggest market share, which could be done by introducing a very cheap device perhaps, but that would have awful consequences in the long run. They should target the middle red price band in the graph, were most of the revenue will be located at in the next years.

Apr 25 08:17 PMWell, yes, like I read before somewhere, I think it was Forbes, “after all, China was the only country in the world where somebody sold his kidney for an iPad (and an iphone)”. The brand is pretty strong, but people are not buying it, which makes the situation even more complex. I don’t see any need to further strenghten the brand position in China. I see a need for concrete deals with carriers or for the introduction of an emergingmarket targeted topquality lowprice device (but it’s difficult because it could have a negative effect on the brand strenght) so the masses can access to it. If that happens, It could be wonderful. But so far the numbers tell the opposite story. I emphasized the numbers because I believe there were already many articles are written from a “brand” perspective. Brand is what, after all, could potentially change the fate of Apple in China. There is first the issue of when they will launch the new models. They could also wait until China Mobile gets its 4G ready. They only have one chance to get good momentum out of a China Mobile deal so they will certainly be patient.

DDoS Mitigation Provider Prolexic Finds DDoS Attacks Growing in Size

DDoS Mitigation Provider Prolexic Finds DDoS Attacks Growing in Size

DDoS protection services provider Prolexic Technologies announced on Monday that it has seen an influx of unusually large and highly sophisticated DDoS attacks in the last week

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DDoS protection services provider Prolexic Technologies announced on Monday that it has seen an influx of unusually large and highly sophisticated DDoS attacks in the last week.

The DDoS attacks have been launched using the itsoknoproblembro DDoS toolkit, according to Prolexic, and the attack signatures are extremely complex.

In mitigating DDoS attacks for its own customers, Prolexic has recorded sustainined floods peaking at 70 Gbps and more than 30 million 30 pps against some of its customers.

“What we are experiencing is a dramatic uptick in the size and sophistication of DDoS attacks to a level not previously observed,” Prolexic chief executive officer Scott Hammack said in a statement. “Only a handful of companies around the world could survive a hit of 70 Gbps in conjunction with the complex blend of attack vectors we have witnessed.”

While the announcement serves as a validation of its services, other security providers may have noticed a similar trend recently in the types of attacks directed at their customers.

“The size and sophistication of this threat has created a highalert within various industries and with good reason,” Hammack stated. “I’m proud to say we’ve successfully mitigated multiple itsoknoproblembro campaigns throughout the year, even when attack vectors have continuously modulated during the course of the assault.”

The itsoknoproblembro toolkit includes multiple infrastructure and applicationlayer attack vectors such as SYN floods, that can simultaneously attack multiple destination ports and targets, Prolexic says. Apparently, a common characteristic of the attacks is a large UDP flood targeting DNS infrastructures.

What makes it harder to detect is the fact that the attacking botnet contains many legitimate IP addresses, enabling the attack to bypass most antispoofing mechanisms.

“The size and sophistication of this threat has created a highalert within various industries and with good reason,” Hammack stated. “I’m proud to say we’ve successfully mitigated multiple itsoknoproblembro campaigns throughout the year, even when attack vectors have continuously modulated during the course of the assault.”

The Prolexic Security Engineering and Response Team has been monitoring the itsoknoproblembro suite and issued an internal threat advisory to Prolexic customers earlier this month. It will include more details about the toolkit in its quarterly attack report, which will be published in midOctober.

In August, Prolexic released a vulnerability disclosure report on the popular attack tool, Dirt Jumper DDoS Toolkit family, exposing key flaws in the command and control architecture that could ward off potential attackers.

Talk back: What kind of trends have you noticed around DDoS attacks on your customers? Let us know in a comment.

How To Use an Automatic Watch Winder

How To Use an Automatic Watch Winder

An automatic watch winder is a device that is used to keep an automatic watch running even when you are not wearing it. This is more convenient as you do not have to wind your watch whenever you are going to use it. A watch winder is not a necessity. It is a device that people use for convenience. There are several benefits of owning a watch winder for your automatic watch.

These are some of the benefits you will have by owning an automatic watch winder:

Keeps the watch in good running condition. Selfwinding watches that are kept in storage for a long time may decrease in performance. A watch winder is very useful for this type of situation. The watch winder will keep the watch running and will keep it in good condition when you finally decide to wear the watch again. It is good to invest in automatic watch winders.

Convenience. Owning an automatic watch winder is also for convenience. This is helpful if you are going to go out. You will not have to spend time winding your watch and setting it on the correct time and date. Without an automatic watch winder, you will have to spend a lot of time configuring your watch to the right settings. Doing this every time you go out can be a hassle, especially if you are in a hurry. Owning an automatic watch winder will greatly help in this type of situation.

Extends life of watch. Automatic watch winders can also extend the life of your watch. Automatic watches must be brought to the store for maintenance every year or two. This is not the only way you can preserve your watch. You also have to keep them running in their boxes. Running watches selflubricate and this extends the life of the watch. If you have antique watches that are heirlooms, it is advisable to get an automatic watch winder so that the watch can last for hundreds of years.

Benefits for collectors. If you are a watch collector, it is necessary that you purchase an automatic watch winder that can accommodate multiple automatic watches and not the kind that accommodates a single watch. This will keep your collection running and also maintain the value of the watches. Watch collectors usually do not use the watches that they collect. Instead, they are kept in storage. If the watches do not run for a long time, there is a chance that they will not run as well as they did when they were new.

These are some of the benefits you can get from an automatic watch winder. Owning one is not necessary but it will greatly help in preserving your automatic watch. If you plan on purchasing an automatic watch winder, get one that does the job. One of the most popular brands of an automatic watch winder is Kinetic. You may have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for an automatic watch winder but it will definitely be worth it.

The Released Secret to Replica Panerai Watches Discovered

Starters in the luxury watch market, know this: one can find actual used Corum watches or preowned one for $2,650 – $8,900. Places like Melrose Jewelers will usually give you a one-year-warranty and parts guarantee. All hands on the watch are skeleton gold toned. This means that it can be worn while swimming or snorkeling in shallow areas, but is not suitable for deep water diving. The Modena Watch company boasts the worlds largest collection of rubber watchbands to suit numerous brands of popular watches such as Panerai,…

The style is important, but if they come with affordable prices, that would be perfect. People may not use the luxury designer watches so frequently. Thus, spending thousands of dollars on such a timepiece may be a little wasteful, especially for those who have families to support. How to Spot a Fake Seiko Watch. Watch counterfeiters usually focus on the appearance of a watch rather than the technical parts,… Seiko entered the watch industry in 1881, when K. Hattori and Company, was formed. Over time, the company produced fob watches, alarm…

How to Tell if a Rolex Watch Is Real or a Fake. A Rolex watch is a symbol of wealth to many… How to Make a Fake Toy Watch. Kids love grown-up accessories, from jewelery to sunglasses to wristwatches… Difference Between Real &… A Rolex watch is one of the most luxurious timepieces in the world. The name alone is synonymous with wealth and luxury…. All these make the watch dazzled to the eyes. Seiko is a Japanese watch company that began in 1881.

A solar-powered watch battery is different from most watches in the sense it is powered by the sun. Solar-powered watches have a small solar panel on the face of the watch that allows the battery to charge itself. Seiko and Citizen offer durable outdoor wear and classic styling for thousands of dollars less. Watch straps on sports watches can be worn down by regular use and require removal and replacement. Save money by purchasing only a watch band instead of replacing the entire sports watch.

Extend the life and improve the fit of your favorite sports watch by simply replacing the old watch straps with a new set. As with luxury bags, luxury watch brands such as Movado are copied and sold illegally. Omega is owned by the Swatch Group. The Omega Seamaster is made to be a deep diving watch and some models feature a second crown that releases helium after diving. The Seamaster has been worn by James Bond since 1995.

A genuine Rolex watch can cost thousands of dollars. Given its popularity and demand, many companies have popped up to replicate the watches and sell them at a great discount. In order to spot a fake Rolex, pay attention to the following tips. Even Timex”s multifunctional watches can be operated with the pull of the crown or the push of a button. All Timex manuals can be found online. The Timex 1440 Sports Digital Watch is a weather-resistant watch that comes with an automatic time syncing radio.

Vital Pieces Of Breitling Swiss Replica Watches

How to Fix Crown on Swiss Watch. How to Adjust the Watch Band Length of a Swiss… There are hundreds of Swiss-made watch brands, from the luxury Patek-Philippe and Rolex to the affordable Tissot. A watch embossed with the… How to Buy a Swiss Watch. Swiss timepieces have a reputation for precision and style that is rivaled by no other…… Identifying a vintage Tissot watch is an easy task requiring few tools… How to… How to Spot a Fake Omega Watch. Omega, a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches, debuted its first product, the Gurzelen Patent pocket… Even though applying rising will need for watches, watch corporations have also developed Invicta watches.

Sometimes things such as geography or electronic devices can interfere with reception. The Citizen Watch Co. has been making watches in the United States since 1918. In fact, Citizen is now the world’s largest watchmaking company. Battery-operated Citizen watches will run out of power over time. You can remove the links on the watch with basic household tools. Watch pins are small, spring-loaded devices, designed to secure a watchband to the case of the timepiece. On occasion, these pins corrode or break. It is a good idea to keep track of this, replacing the pins on occasion.

If your Timex Indiglo watch is losing time, it’s a good indication that your battery is at the end of its life. Although Timex watches come in a wide range of styles and models, the basic process for changing the battery remains the same. The watch band buckle has been used for hundreds of years to fasten watches around wrists. The original green watch, a kinetic watch requires no batteries or winding to operate. It runs by transfering the movement of your body into stored electricity which powers the watch works. It does not use, or waste any energy, and placing it in storage for up to four years will not affect it’s ability to restart.

The name alone is synonymous with wealth and luxury…. Today, finding a watch isn”t much of a challenge like it used to be. You can pick up basic watches at local retail stores such as, Wet Seal, Journeys or Zumiez. You can install a dual-deployment watch clasp on your watch strap with the aid of a household pin. Constant movement will keep the watch powered continuously. Setting up your new Timex 707 watch will have you on time for all your future appointments. With a few adjustments, the time, date, day of the week and even possibly an alarm will help to keep you punctual.

Setting up the date and time on these watches takes only a few simple steps, after which you will only need to make minor adjustments at the end of months with less than 31 days, and when traveling to different timezones. Swiss manufacturer Tag Heuer’s watches get their power from internal batteries. Aside from time and alarm features, watches can contain other applications to help you from day-to-day. The Freestyle Tide 3.0 watch contains a tide feature which allows you to access tide data for 75 beaches around the world. You can operate the watch with the buttons located on the side and face of the watch casing.

A California judge issued a preliminary

A California judge issued a preliminary

Using Rolls Royce in this argument is a company that made an improvement on Ford and marketed to the affluent. AAPL has no comparable comparison because they did the heavy lifting and sell a better product. They invented the Ford (iPhone) and sell the Rolls Royce (iPad). I don’t know what your issue is with AAPL or any company for that matter but your aggressive manner does not add to the discussion. Every tech company at this moment is in the courts arguing over patents, as well as other issues. The problem is with the whole industry and the tool of using the courts. Apple has decided that this should no longer be so, and the end result is that innovation and progress are stifled anywhere Apple IP is concerned.

I’ll take a stab at this kmi comment. 1: For a very long time crosslicensing was very common in the tech world in order to build upon prior work. Apple has decided that this should no longer be so, and the end result is that innovation and progress are stifled anywhere Apple IP is concerned. Answer Cross licensing still is. But, the Samsung, Google stuff gets tons of press. false. Apple does a tremendous amount of patent crosslicensing. If apple felt Samsung had enough patents they needed, I’m sure there would be cross licensing. However, most likely Apple owns far more, and Samsung, never really seems to care, when “designing products”. It’s really that simple. R costs too much in this day and age. BTW did you know that in California, the universities by state law do not have to pay most royalties? (Grand theft!). They will sue companies for the patents the UC system owns while at the same time freely helping them selves to other patents that they need to do their work. (Sort of like music pirating in China, but far more devious.)

None of you are getting this, it’s called ,”Patent.” All companies can have their product ID patented IFF it serves in the aesthetics and is not for functionality (other patents cover that). Who copied. Under the law, Patent Law, Samsung is in violation like it or not. Why wouldn’t Samsung copy Kindle instead of Apple? Why wouldn’t they just do their own?I study hard for a test, you didn’t, you ain’t cheating off of me. Don’t care if you’re a Rolls.

Before I start my ramble background I’m a long time techie sales and marketing person. I managed the first computer store in PA (not when it first opened, but took over in ’78). I also launched the first website in early 1995 to sell projectors online. Been around a while. I own apple products, but haven’t always. We also have one PC here. So, with all that in mind, here goes:First re some nonsense: Apple is near the bottom of the list of patent trolls. Apple buys tons of patent rights (as do they all), but has developed far more tons internally. buying Motorola strictly for patents), Apple does very little of that. They did go in with 4 or 5 other companies for one large batch of Nortel patents, same bid for the batch that Google passed on joining, then complained when they lost with their own bid. Google wanted all those patents for the bucks, not the tech. All the winners of that batch of patents share those, no fees. Samsung, on the other hand, if not a bigger patent troll than Google (that would be hard) is probably 2nd. They buy them hoping they can use them to work deals on other patents that they obviously “stole”. ie. copying the iPhone. Look, if you don’t believe in intellectual property, probably this isn’t the right forum. If you don’t believe in IP, you should be spending this time downloading all the free music you can find on the internet, from any “illegal” sites that don’t pay royalties to musicians. You should be sneaking your camcorder into the movie theater, taping movies and making copies for all your friends. True: Apple did not invent the cell phone. The first practical personal computer 197779 the apple II and II+. That changed the world, it caused Gates to buy Seattle computing to develop MSDOS as a result of IBM following the Apple II+ to create the IBMPC. 2. The modern user friendly computer. Basically we all (over 30 years of age) people know that Windows was a tremendous ripoff of the apple mac, but despite all the patents, Microsoft only had to change the trash can to a different icon. You wonder why they are aggressive today?3. Apple “invented” the modern smart phone. Sure Blackburry had email networking nailed, but what apple created changed everything, and we should see blackberry’s bankruptcy soon, if someone doesn’t buy them just for the patent library they have4. Apple not only invented the modern tablet, but they pretty much invented what would be called the modern PDA if not that it’s called a t tablet, or a smart phone without the phone. Unlike everyone else, apple has a tendency to actually kill a product that doesn’t meet their standards. Consider the Newton. It was nice enough for the day, but it didn’t do what it needed to, well enough. Apple pulled it, and then, less than a decade later, changed the world with the iPad. In a sense a direct descendant, though it moved from handwriting to touch as it’s main uniqueness.5. Voice recognition apple has done more in the industry than anyone else (except maybe Dragon and IBM), You can go back more than a decade and buy Apple Centris computers geared for voice recognition (and easy to use video production).6. Did I fail to mention the mouse? They didn’t’ invent it (Xerox Park, most likely, as they built the first minicomputer workstation to use one), but like most Xerox park inventions, it went nowhere. Then Apple introduced the Lisa computer with the mouse the forerunner to the first Mac, and thanks to them, there may actually be more computer mice in the world than live ones.7. iTunes: changed the world especially for us listeners and also for 10’s of thousands of musicians that aren’t signed to labels, they may not be getting rich from the iTunes store, but they often make far more than they do “gigging”. Not the first download site (those were all “illegal”, nor the first legal one. No, Apple simply figured out how to create one that’s not only legal, but indispensable by music lovers. (unless you own a galaxy and download from somewhere else).8. Desktop PublishingEnough, a complete and more detailed list will show that apple has changed more industries than any modern company in the world:MusicPublishingGraphicsMarketing (including iTunes store)Computing (on so many levels some mentioned above)PhoningLearning (Apple way back, dominated our schools, before there was the Apple II and II+ there was no such thing as a computer in a classroom, and while apple computers became too powerful but also too expensive to dominate in K12, Apple is once again becoming dominant on college campuses both Mac and iPadMore learning (iPad)Protecting their customers while not bulletproof apples tight environments, including iTunes store, are across their platforms have always been less likely to get infected. Dependable and support Good products, great support. Check out a Microsoft store some time. The good thing is there are always employees standing around waiting for someone to enter the store, but beyond that. Genius bar, replacements, etc. Hey they still don’t make perfect products. I still bitch that I can’t buy a MacBook with enough internal disk space for my purposes, and some things are too expensive, but, I’ve probably owned 10 apple computers (vs 4 or 5 PCs), I’ve owned all 3 of the 4 iPhone versions, and have owned all three iPads (btw only once did I buy any of the above, in the first month they were on the market. I wait to decide if I really “need” them. And finally, Siri isn’t perfect it sucks in loud places but between Siri, and Dictation on my iPad, those two save me at least 5 hours of time every single week.